Thursday, 26 May 2011

BelCompany and launch Tablet platform

WikiTablets, an initiative of Dutch BelCompany and good old, was launched yesterday. This site targets the tablet pc market, providing customers with any which information about tablet pc’s. ‘It will be a platform for anyone who is interested in tablets’.

The combination of 180 BelCompany shops throughout The Netherlands, the use of social media and the collaboration with computer technology platform – a site I used frequently before my Apple addiction – might prove to be profitable. Profitable for users, that is.
Interestingly, is part of VNU media, a publisher. Will this site finally open up the Dutch market for eBooks? Or possibly, conquer the European market? According to their press release, "It is to be THE spot for anyone who is interested in tablets.” In my mind, it should read: ‘interested in tablets AND eBooks’. Let’s find out if this project delivers what it promises (and a bit more…)

The freshly launched site (no page rank yet, but already some back linking) sounds, looks, and reads promising. The overall usability is very customer friendly. Moreover, it has a Social Media look and feel to it. For instance: they ask YOU what YOU want to see, instead of shooting all kinds of information at you. Finally, here is a Dutch site that understands that it’s all about the user in present day ecommerce.

User friendly click paths
Clicking further only made me even more enthusiastic. They really thought through their click paths and customer questions. In addition, they’ve added an Apple perk that leaves out the extra step of confirming choices. Clicking a certain parameter means getting instant information about a tablet while including the parameter automatically. To put it in normal words: what you click is what you get. No extra click paths through confirmation buttons, which in the end makes navigation of a refreshing experience.

For now, I am a fan! Especially since I have some trouble uploading my eBook’s on my iPad…. But don’t let me keep you from forming your own opinion, go to to see for yourself.

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