Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Facebook Effect: Why We Can’t Live Without It

Facebook has become a central part of our lives. We use it for social engagement, and we use it for our businesses. The fact is, Facebook has perfected communication, across borders, age groups and time zones. If you’ve ever doubted the massive impact that this social networking platform has on your life, then you’ll want to read the rest of this post!

#1: The Content Generation

Back in the old days when communication was still limited – only people that loved to write actually wrote and shared their knowledge with the world. And even then, you had to be a particularly good writer to get published. It was a closed club. What Facebook has done, is it’s turned even the most humble small business owner, into a writer. Writing has become the most important skill in the world.
According to Soshable, The average Facebook user generates 90 pieces of content every month. That’s incredible! Sharing knowledge with words on Facebook, whether it’s for social or business gain, is being embraced by people all over the globe.
Without Facebook this real-time social form of communication would never have happened. Facebook is the reason the world is becoming smaller, and more intelligent. More than 600 million people use Facebook to share information. That’s trillions of bits of information every month!

#2: The Next Economic Boom

Because platforms like Facebook have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, it’s kick-started an economic boom. Now that small businesses have the opportunity to promote themselves on Facebook – they will grow larger, faster – and this means higher income and a better standard of living for self-starters.
More than 70% of local businesses use Facebook as a marketing tool. The hype is dead. Everyday we’re faced with more success stories, improved communication between businesses and clients – and calculable financial returns. To not have a Facebook fan page for your business, excludes you from this excitement.
From the chance to earn more and expand, despite the fact that you’re in a fixed location. You don’t have to rely on a tiny percentage of local business anymore, or deal with massive advertising costs that television, radio and print ads demand. Your Facebook business page is your proven ticket to more success.

#3: A Central Hub of Knowledge

What would you do if you couldn’t contact your friends or colleagues on Facebook? How would you promote your latest one-day special if your fan page wasn’t instant? Facebook collects and shares all media – content, video, images and audio, making it easier to interact and have a voice that is heard.
You’re not only speaking to the people you know, but to everyone that is interested in what you’re talking about. That’s why keywords were created. In one location you can manage your business and your social life instantly, efficiently and better than anything that’s ever come before. Facebook is not only the future, it’s your future – even if you hardly use it right now.
We all need Facebook – it’s our personal diary and life planner! If you’ve been wondering if it’s all worth it, the answer is a thousand times yes!

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