Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Webshopping from a consumer perspective

It's easy to complain and give negative feed back about webshops. That's why I started a list that describes what I think webshops should have from a consumer perspective. I've used my personal experiences and the data I got out of an online survey I ran for a webshop.

Need to have an appealing, logical interface
Have click paths that lead to what you want in the fastest possible way
Have clear navigation and product segmentation
Have search boxes
Are reachable from smart phones, iPads and other devices

Have theme-oriented product segmentation
Should have recognisable branding

Have a professional look and feelDon’t flood you with behavioural targeting ads
Do provide you with the option to receive offers or suggestions

Provide up-to-date and correct product information
Provide 3-D presentations of products

Are easy to find and render fast regardless of platform
Provide you with an app
Provide you with localised, personalised offers after you agreed to receive them

Social Webshopping
Provide feed back options
Provide real time customer reviews, feeds, posts

Have logons through Social Media
Interact with users through Social Media

Customer careHave live customer care through chat or instant messaging
Have instant alerts to customer care when things go wrong on the front-end side
If something goes wrong in the purchasing process, offer to do it for you
Genuinely do something with customer feed back

Trustworthyness & servicePresent clear delivery guide lines, terms, and conditions
Preferably have low delivery rates
Provide possibility to keep track of purchases

Provide multiple, localised and secure payment services
Deliver what they promise
Are transparent, and trackable
Deliver world wide

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