Thursday, 26 May 2011

Millenians Boost Social Webshopping

The term millenians refers to an age group between 18 & 34. They're the first generation that grows up in a world where being online is daily practice. Webshopping, socialising, watching tv or blogging, they will do it all online. They are your future users, buyers, customers.
A US research paper about 'millenials' states that: "millennials are typically unenthusiastic about advertising and prefer to avoid marketing messages that seem insincere. “What appeals to them is authenticity."

Telling and Selling is dead
Procter and Gamble's Chief global Marketing Officer, Jim Stengal, stated: "telling and selling is dead".
And that's the truth. No Millenian will accept a marketer or sales guy telling them what they should buy – nor would I for that matter.

Go to them or go broke
Merely 'shooting' your brand, products, services to people doesn't cut it anymore. You have to go to where they are in Social Media. Interact with them, find out who is genuinely interested in what you have to offer. And than...offer it! The Dutch word offer means sacrifice. That's exactly what you need to do, sacrifice some of your products, services etc by giving them away. Don't think Millenians trust you right away. You have to earn that trust. You have to be able to convince them that you mean well and your product is what they need. 

Shut up and listen
By following Social Media, you can get a fair idea of what people say about you, your company, services or products. People who are positive about you, are the ones you want to connect with. NOT SELL to initially. Primarily, you're there to connect, interact, help, converse; basically build relationships. Why? Because people who are your friends tend to trust you. On the longer term they will be the ones who will accept your offer, contact etc etc. 

Flashy ads are dead
I've said it before, you have to earn their trust. Earn it by truly connecting to the 'right' group of people online in Social Media. It will promote you, your company and in the end your product/service in a better way than any loud, flashy ad campaign will. (Online Marketers in the German market seem to have a long way to go...)

Can't refrain from running ads?...Be conservative!
During a webinar, I attended recently, I understood that commercial advertising through social media shouldn't be more than 20% maximum! The remaining 80% of effort should be invested in making friends...

Consumerism 3.0
Milleneans will kick start consumerism 3.0. Buying, downloading, reading, sending only what they want, feel like and what not. Brace yourself mass producers! Reaching future masses will require a whole new way of Marketing.

The Web is Ours!

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