Monday, 16 May 2011

Tips 4 online marcommers

Remember, these are tips. You will always have to personalise data found on the web in order for it to be useful!

  • Integrate Social Media in your companies site, start with research who your best customers are,   find out what key words they use.
  • Make sure there is a dedicated team of Social Media pros. Otherwise: outsource!
  • Be and act user-centric. Develop a central vision about the use of all media. The sources of   information are less important than the way the user perceives the actual information. i.e.
  • Think ONLINE initially, than start thinking about back office, offline support, etc.
  • When building a website invest in web specialists who can contribute significantly to the (physical) description of all site specifications
  • Arrange your BACK OFFICE. Internal processes support your entire online marketing strategy and business
  • Keep it short and simple. Cut bigger projects into smaller pieces. Make them acceptable and realistic
  • Integrate and collaborate with Communications, Sales and (offline-) Marketing. Without them you’re just another island
  • Invest in relations with Internet agencies. They’re your partner. 
  • Most importantly: try to keep a broad perspective on things. Online Marketing covers so many other fields!!

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