Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Web shoppers like live customer care

An Emarketer research states that 1 in 5 web shoppers prefer live chat as the method for contacting an Internet retailer. Obviously, this refers to the US market, where e-commerce and customer care seems to be much more developed and customer oriented.

Indeed, live chat is a perfect way of customer care. That's why I web shop in overseas shops more than I do in European e-shops. One web shop in Kentucky I regularly buy at, contacted me the moment they saw that something went wrong in the click path of the buying process.

Brilliant! Live following of click patterns, anticipate to problems, contacting the user live - in this case me - and offer help. I've never received such excellent customer service in Europe. I don't even believe European call centres invest in customer care scenario's based on click behaviour of customers and prospects. Even worse: emarketers who don't follow who leaves the sales funnel at which point. And there is so much to learn about your customer by just following their click behaviour online. Hence the US-webshop that contacted me, after my illogical, impatient click behaviour.

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