Monday, 16 May 2011

What women want

All stereotypes aside! Women do like 'Technology and Electronics' least in the US, apparently. I'd like to add that it is women who find out the fastest how their new smartphones, apps, pokens, ereaders etc etc function. Furthermore, female seniors do more online shopping than do males...

In any case, it is a target audience that is not to be neglected; women, that is. Moreover, women tend to copy or set trends faster than men in my experience. And, in my very stereotypical experience women like to shop. They leave men far behind when it comes down to shopping. So who is your target audience now? And why, aren't there more female-centric shopping websites, or female senior centric shopping sites for that matter.

Years ago trend watchers defined well to do middle class, 50 something elderly women as an interesting target group. Today, I cannot find any decent commercial site that focuses on those 50-somethings. It's uncanny, especially since this group will only get bigger and bigger in most European countries.

Are eMarketers daft, or is it lack of vision by the powers that be?

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