Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Who needs help with Google's Help Platform

In the conundrum of Google indexation I sometimes feel a bit lost. The other day, when I was editing, I found myself reading about which script gets indexed and which not. The deeper I navigated into Google’s webmaster help platform, the more I found out about what I did not know. 

All of this searching, deep linking, and feeling lost did not solve my question whether Google crawls alt tags of div class images. Finally, I gave up and asked one of my former clients, an astute code expert. The answer was yes; Google indexes those as well. (thx Joachim!)
The same thing applied to the indexing of dynamic content in jsp. I found out by Googling (there is irony in this!)
My point is, how can it be that a help platform is user unfriendly? Isn’t it supposed to guide newbs and pros through the very topic he or she is inquiring after? The information overload is overwhelming and I have the idea that navigation is not well thought-out. Since I am used to creating user friendly navigation for websites – to improve usability – I was struck by Google’s lack of it.

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