Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Will 3 D printing be the next revolution in online shopping?

Ever since I've been introduced to the concept op 3-D printing, I've turned into an enthusiastic believer. I’m bewildered by the industrial en medical possibilities of 3D printing. Moreover, am I flooded with ideas for commercial use! Think ultimate personalized goods, total customer control over shape, size and content of purchased goods.

And what about customer service? The possibilities are numerous. Let’s say someone buys a cupboard at a web shop for furniture. After deliverance, he discovers that not all the screws, nuts and bolts have been delivered. Since he is the proud owner of a 3D printer, all he has to do is logon to the web shop, type in the specifications of the lacking objects, download the data, feed them to his printer, everything will be created right in front of him. This technology could very well drive future online sales to heights no one would think possible.
If this technology becomes available to the public, AND web shops will start embedding it in their strategy it would revolutionise online shopping. Especially, if web shops would combine this technology with buzzing campaigns, strategic keyword-use, and discounts on raw materials required by the printer.
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