Thursday, 16 June 2011

Atrocious Acronyms Part Deux

It befell me again - and it didn't become me well - another acronym attack. After surviving all the SEOs, SEMs, Sods and Sgts I’ve been drowning in SEOLCs, SEOTs, SEOTCRS, SEOL, SEOTCs, SEOVs, AWVs, AWTs, PBRs, AWCTRS, AWCPC, SEOUC, AWACSs, ASAPS, USPs, RSPCAs, GPs, INGs, SERPs, SAASs, HAARPs, KLAASs, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Is there anyone who can tell me why, just why are acronyms so popular that they invade literally – I typed in litterally, must be Freundian or a pun related affliction - every software platform there is. If we don’t pay attention to counterpart this we will succumb in a non-verbal diarrhoea of briefly grumbled ….. acronyms!! Anyway, today I’ve learned that the ratio of SEOTC to SEOC is SEOTCR that equals KEI.

If you know what I mean. Nevertheless, this information is useful because it gave me a fair understanding of ratio relevance to keywords. Don’t be alarmed; I’ll refrain from ‘acronymising’ them to ‘rlv of RT to KW’. These ratios gave me a clear introspective to what keywords should be: relevant, catchy, used for search and to generate traffic. Playing around with numbers asphyxiating the actual language part of my research I’ve gained more understanding of how numerous numbers of words relate to one another.

All of this made it possible to tell my client which keywords were significant, and which weren’t. Now, it’s up to them to do the ‘word dance’ around the marketability and findability of their product.

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