Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Localisation Tracking

If you want to receive specific deals in your area on your smartphone, you have to expose your location. Many people have problems with this. I mean, who wants to be tracked all the time? On the other hand, wouldn't it be practicle if you knew where the best deals can be found, closest to home? A recent webinar I attended stated that enticement and transparency are key to overcome reserves about exposing your location to third parties. In other words, if you can read what a company is going to do with your location information, and more importantly, what not, only then will customers be less reluctant to give away their whereabouts. Adding this to some form of physical or financial enticement in the form of coupons or a big discount, will make customers disregard privacy issues increasingly. But who is to say that information you confide in is trustworthy? Etailers can promise a potential customer to not use their location for other purposes. But customers will never know for sure if Etailers will keep their problem. And this is the problem that arises with localised based services. No one knows for sure what happens to your data. And no one can figure out yet to cover promises made by deliverers legally.

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