Saturday, 4 June 2011

Race biking 3.0

Hoorah! Tracking heart rate and average speed through iBiker! Meanwhile, I navigate with my iPad, keep track of wind speed, and uv-radiation (factor 50 protection layer) over the Internet. When I get back home, all data will be assembled and be ready to be processed in Google numbers.

The only risk I run, is being preoccupied with all the adgets, which I am right now. ;-o In the end, it 's about cycling, wind, water, elements, trees. Gadgets 'only' make it more convenient to keep track of data and need less space in my back pack. I only wish there was an carb app. An app that warns you when your blood sugar is getting too low and you need to replenish. While at it, an energy output versus required energy input would be practicle as well. That way, I could calculate the percentage of 'fuel' I need to absorp, in order to climb a 10% slope. That would certainly increase the probability that I actually reach the top in the most efficient way. Okay time to move on...

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