Monday, 13 June 2011

Secretive Default Settings

FaceBook did it before, and is doing it again; default settings, leaving users oblivious of newly implemented functionalities. Before, it was the absence of a logout option. That has been implemented due to complaints. Now, it seems FaceBook is tracking your profile picture in order to compare them with previous versions. If it resembles the older ones, FaceBook suggests the uploader to tag it. This feature does not work only for profile pictures, but also for any other picture in your entire profile. In this way, FaceBook gets to know all the people in your profile, network etc. etc. Somehow, this gives me an uneasy feeling. I am not sure why, but it does.

My biggest objection is the lack of choice (again), a user should be asked if he wants to tag pictures or not. FaceBook seems to have left that part out of the equation repeatedly. Very odd for a Social Media platform that thrives by user generated content. Very odd indeed, because unhappy users won't generate content anymore thus diminishing the platform's succes. FaceBook should interact with its users more by sharing information about novelties, instead of implementing those novelties furtively.

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