Thursday, 30 June 2011

Superfluous Search Engine Optimisation

I am working on the search engine optimisation of a site that mostly consists of movie clips. Using rich media can improve your website’s findability ever since Google started including it in their search results.
These movie clips, however, are in swf format; a format that Google does not track. Nearly all content relevant to this company is in these clips. Content that is not tracked by Google.

Nothing to index
Furthermore, the clips are embedded in a single webpage that has nothing else that is worthwhile for Google to index: no significant title, H-tags, nor Alt tags.

No body
Moreover, there is no body text worth mentioning, and no navigation other than a few links to LinkedIn and FaceBook. Due to this, key word density, and –saturation are practically zilch.

Not to my surprise, the pagerank is a mere 2. There simply isn’t that much to index other than a few general keywords and the brand name itself.

Old and useless
To my surprise, 45 indexed pages DID appear after a search query with this domain. All old, cached pages, though. Nonetheless, pages WITH indexable content.

Kill your site
To top things, there is (unsurprisingly) not a single back link to be found. I think my advice will be a non-commercial one: forget search engine optimisation, throw out your site and recreate your movie clips in YouTube. Google indexes YouTube clips. 

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