Thursday, 21 July 2011

CMS Horrors

After ten years of experience with several CMS, I still haven't found one CMS that handles HTML for bullited lists, tables etc correctly. My latests dismal is a challenging Tridion tour de force.  The horror, the horror. It is bug central and if things render correctly, Tridion seems to unpublish link components by itself leaving you with a faulty navigation. My first impression is that Tridion is a very very user unfriendly CMS, even if it's more flexible than, for instance, Websphere (which basically is your worst editing nightmare) I think that I will leave content management to others in the nearby future so I can focus entirely on Search Engine Marketing.
The problem with a lot of CMS is the fact that they do not truely get renewed. They function with upgrades and next generations, leaving you with a platform that is basically the same old crap with newer fancier workarounds to obscure the crap inside. Patchwork would be a terrific metaphor! A patchwork of bugs.

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  1. It seems to me like you may be confusing implementation with native product capability - if unpublishing things (intentionally, or otherwise) leaves you with faulty navigation then, in my opinion, that it a fault of the implementation. Perhaps I'm missing some context from your description of the problem, but that would be my take on the situation (as an SDL employee, and an experience, certified Tridion consultant).