Friday, 29 July 2011

Content Management Stalin

"It seems to me like you may be confusing implementation with native product capability - if unpublishing things (intentionally, or otherwise) leaves you with faulty navigation then, in my opinion, that it a fault of the implementation. Perhaps I'm missing some context from your description of the problem, but that would be my take on the situation (as an SDL employee, and an experience, certified Tridion consultant). "

Faulty implementation. That's a good one! I understand completely that you
missed some context here... Granted, my tweets were brief, but as you might know that's the nature of Twitter... If you're really the consultant like you say you are, it might have been a better idea to approach unsatisfied users of the product you're promoting, differently.

My latest Tridion horror had nothing to do with implementation. The tool kept crashing and crashing two days in a row, even though IT was working on it 24/7 and hardware was running correctly. And don't get me started on usability. Editors have to find workarounds themselves to 'overcome' obscure code that seems to appear all over the place. User obscure techy jargon such as 'scheme's' (the irony!) and other frightfully unclear English terminology are just the tip of the iceberg.  

And interface, horrific! Not a single preview mode represents what you'll be confronted with front-end... Always a big surprise what will turn up next on your site . I won't refer to the legal repercussions if one day some content item or graphic won't render correctly and no one notices it....
After Websphere I think Tridion is the most user unfriendly CMS I've ever worked with! 

To conclude, what amazes me, is that after being in the content business for 10 years now, using tables in CMS editing modules still is a nightmare. A trip down horror lane! I have to admit that this is not exclusive to Tridion. Any which CMS I've worked with has the same trouble. In Tridion's case (and other 'not open source' software), however, I find this uncanny and utterly unacceptable considering the fact that large amounts of money have to be paid for CMS software licenses, its implementation and keeping it running. 

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