Wednesday, 6 July 2011

High Conversion Check List

Here's a check list provided by Market Samurai, a SEO-tool I've started using recently.
The list contains strategic tips and tactics to leverage your conversion. What I like about it, is that it focuses on people. And isn't people what it's all about?  In the end, they will be the ones buying your product...if your approach agrees with them that is.
  • Qualifying Questions – Life is too short to work on lousy projects

 “Sell ability” - Does the offering have compelling competitive benefits?
Morality – Will the world be a better place if I help this person succeed?

  • Logical Flow - Lead people through a logical sequence

Is there a logical flow from traffic source, through landing page and into conversion?
Will any page in the sequence confuse the user?
Is the navigation and structure of the site easy to follow?
Is the checkout process simple and logical

  • Basic Website Structure – Don’t renovate a site that is fundamentally flawed

Can I exchange elements of the page to increase conversion or should I test against a complete new layout?

  • Expected Metaphors - Offer the best version of the site a user expects to find

Do people have to stop and think before they can use this site (yes = bad!!)?

  • Market Segmentation - Match offers to customer segments

What different customer segments exist? What is their relative value? Do they have different motivations?
Can we split landing pages and sell with greater relevance?
Can we increase or duplicate our best performing channels?

  • Clear Value Presentation - Simple, clear presentation of value is critical

Is the key value proposition clear?  Am I engaged even if I don’t play the video?
Is headline punchy and believable?
Are key benefits obvious (use great bullet points)
Do graphics reinforce value claims or distract?

  • Specificity / Believability - Be specific

Am I vague or specific? (specific numbers can be good)
Are my claims ‘fluff & hot air’ or are they believable.  (check headline & bullets)

  • Personality - People buy from people, not faceless websites

Can we humanise the site? (intro video, about us, bio box, smiling face photo)
Can we adopt the persona of someone they’d trust to buy from?
Have we respectfully guided customers  (without assuming industry knowledge, acronyms etc.)

  • Best Competitive Models  - Learn from successful competitive models

Can any great ideas be learned from competitors?

  • Skilled Sales People – Gain insight from those who sell this product most successfully

Is there an awesome sales person who sells this stuff that I can talk to? I want to know what the customer is like, specifically ‘who makes the decision to buy and what are they really looking for?’

  • Scarcity / Urgency - People buy scarce resources for fear of loss

Is there a legitimate (& believable!) scarcity tactic I can use like limited stock or time?

  • Social Proof – People feel comfortable following the crowd

Can I add or make better use of social proof (testimonials, social media feeds)

  • Authority - Use Authority to legitimise your offering

Are there authority figures that use this product? Can I use their logo? Can I get a testimonial?

  • Distractions / Friction - Don’t distract users as they’re doing what you want, don’t ask people to think

Am I clear about the main purpose of the page (vs. the secondary and tertiary purposes)
Will I confuse users of my site?
Is the checkout process cluttered?
Am I tempting my users with dancing cats on YouTube

  • Risk Reduction - Reducing Risk increases sales

How can I take the risk of purchase away from my customer? (guarantee policy, guarantee seal)

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