Sunday, 21 August 2011

Logitech and Apple

Accessorise your iPad with Logitech... After Microsoft and Nokia joined forces, now, Apple and Logitech do. Granted, in a completely different form. I know logitech from my pc-days. I always thought it was an obscure brand providing you with dito hardware such as wireless mice (!), and crummy loudspeakers.
They still provide loudspeakers to be connected to iPads. Also keyboards, which they also did years ago if I remember correctly. An interesting one is a docking station for the iPad. Somehow I get the feeling that after delivering a very usefull and handy appliance such as the iPad to the market, without all the extra kilo's of hardware that came with pc's; all the extra hardware you do not need is offered back again. Obviously for profit reasons. Probably, because that same market isn't ready for a full blown touch pane and miniturised interface like iPads have. (I have to admit that my old faithful MacBook provides me with the best typing experience ever) To me, it does feel a bit strange having a high-end brand such as Apple combined with a brand such as logitech.

Not to my surprise the Apple reseller store did not advertise this exuberantly.. I'm still waiting for Apple to put roll-up key boards on the market. None was to be found on the logitech site. Guess Dell have to provide Apple with flexibel keyboards now that their tablet pc division was thrown overboard...

Basically, all I need is a screen in my wall that interfaces with my voice, smart phone, house appliances, tv, internet, music and film collection. No more key boards, wires, loose microphones, and silly stuff that's been around for half a century now. In addition, I'd like a 3D-printer to print garden gnomes as a presents to friends...

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