Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stop being so paranoid (rabbit..)!

Connecting with people is cool! Having instant data about someone can be quite handy. I would wear a unique QR-code for a passport on my skin anytime. As long as it is not visible to the naked eye. It would save me the stress i would usually have trying to find the darn physical thing. Furthermore, it would be a lot safer since thieves would have to peel it of your skin if they plan identity theft....or would it?

Obviously the scanned data can be copied and ill-used by someone too. I am confident however, that techies will solve that risk as well.QR codes will make life much easier. Especially, in an information overloaded society such as ours. (The web is ours!~)

Think about the ease with which you will be able to find data about product content. No more shady labels with unintelligable information. Instead, one brief scan with your smartphone will provide you with clear, readable relevant data.

QR codes could also replace the dreadfully dreary, old fashioned passes big corporates still use to register who is in the office building. Or toll booths. Even paying for parking could be done in an instant of digital scanning. Wonderfull!

Paying system's security would increase dramatically if transaction codes would render through QR codes. Etc etc etc.

Alas, we are far from a brave new 101% (please don't read puns in this number...)digitopia. But with a little more entrepreneurial spirit, less paranoia, and a lot of zeal, dreaming, intelligence we will get there.

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