Sunday, 30 October 2011

Don't try to be fun and surprising! Because you're not!!

Don't try to be fun and surprising as a company, when you're not sure you really are!

I've written about this before and have found out that companies seem to be persistent in pushing forth a Social Media idea without thinking through that idea. Theories, thoughts, cold Market research are not enough in my humble opinion. The biggest faux-pas in Social Media Marketing remains companies pushing a commercially driven business idea on Social Media without asking potential followers what they think of that company. This way, it will take forever to get a substantial number of followers, let alone people who put their trust in you.

I said it before and will say it again: no one will become your friend online if it's only getting more friends only you're targeting. Getting friends online means, sharing, giving, asking, inquiring, posting, etc. In other words, invest first in getting to know potential friends, listen to what they say, interact with them. Than, you can start building groups of friends. And this is just the beginning. You're no where near earning enough trust to start targeting numbers and pushing your promotions. Social Media is social and will always be just that. In order to exploit it commercially, you must first be a part of it socially. That takes time, effort, planning and a lot of interacting.

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