Sunday, 30 October 2011

When Pressure Kills Creativity and Motivation

Will the powers-that-be ever realise that draining people, putting them under pressure, demanding results instantly is counter-productive? I'm not sure they ever will. All around I see the same mistakes being made again and again. Especially bigger companies have a knack for copying their past mistakes over and over. The paradoxical thing about it is, that a lot of people go right with it.

Consciously or subconsciously they indulge, follow, let themselves be drained and whatnot. In their defense, I must say that often in life it is either bend or burst. Still, I think it's a sad thing that we, with all our knowledge, drive, and capacities still cannot change the way we do business...
I strongly believe that the Internet is THE medium that will change the face of doing business dramatically. Companies that persist in their old exploiting ways eventually will have to bend to humongous groups of people on the web who will not stand it anymore. Any company structure that is commercially driven will have to adapt to the influence of the web and social media eventually. A foresight I welcome!

The Web is Ours!~

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