Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service! No more spending time on the telephone listening to some automated voice telling you that you're the 10th in line waiting for a customer service rep to help you. Tell Sell immediately registers your phone number and the (annoying) automated voice tells you that you will be called back. And they did, within 20 minutes. Perfect! Otherwise I would have wasted time and money waiting for a CSR to help me. Now why do large energy companies and providers in The Netherlands think of this method? Instead, they have you waiting and waiting, and when it's finally your turn they put you through to another number, and you have to wait again. I once asked them to call me back because they didn't know the answer to my question. Their (Eneco) reply, sorry we are not able to call you back. You have to call back yourself. But give us a working day and we will have your problem figured out. Aaaaaaaah. 
Anyway, renowned Tell Sell does provide this service which makes inquiring after products in their webshop much more efficient and satisfying. Hear hear for Tell Sell!

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